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Welcome to WorkWith

WorkWith allows employees to receive recognition for the work that they do. This can come in the form of an actual gift (tickets to an event, gift certificate for dinner, a gift card, a physical gift, etc..) or a digital token (e.g, token that recognizes someone’s leadership ability). Anyone in an organization can recognize another person through a simple interface, but managers and leadership can use a more complex gift planning section to organize larger gifts.

With WorkWith you get:

Daily birthday notifications

Easily acknowledge employee birthdays in a personal and meaningful way

Daily work anniversary notifications

Celebrate and reward employee work anniversaries.

Daily employee sync

Connect to your HRIS system of record for easy management of your workforce.

Weekly gift suggestions

Get ahead and prempentivly know when to gift an someone.

Gift planning

Manage the process of giving a gift through peer collaboration

Giveaway planning

Easily allow everyone in your workplace to participate in company giveaways (e.g. enter to win movie tickets)

Company directory

Quick access to everyone in the company and the recognition they’ve received.

Peer recognition

Allow everyone to recognition and show appreciate for the work and help their peers provide.

Recognition reports

Understand who has been recognized and when.

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